What Are The Types of Instagram Shopping Posts?

Instagram shopping posts allow a user to find and shop your product easily on Instagram. By clicking on your product tag on any post, they are directed to your page or that product description.

Over 130 million Instagram users tap on Instagram shopping posts every month. So, if you are looking for a way to drive your product’s reach and sales, Instagram shopping posts are an excellent place to start.

To start with, there are different types of shopping posts. The first step in using the feature is to identify them and decide which ones are best for your brand.


Types of Instagram Shopping Posts

Instagram Shopping Feed Posts

Shopping Feed posts allow you to add up to 5 tagged products in your feed posts. It is a simple and effective way to promote your products without promotional content. All you have to do is to tag your product in a post.

Your shoppable feed post will appear with a shopping tag (view products) at the bottom. When a user taps on that tag, they are directed to your product catalog, where they can view the Product’s description, price, and even buy directly on Instagram with the checkout feature.

How to Set It Up

To set up your shopping feed post, your Instagram shopping must be set up.

  • Upload your photos as usual, add a caption, and tap on “Tag products.”
  • Tap on the Photo and search for the Product from your product catalog, select the Product, and tap done.

That’s it! Your result should look like this:


Here is how brands like Forever21 and Victoria’s secret use Instagram shopping feed posts:


Instagram Shopping Carousel Post

Carousel Posts allows you to tag up to 20 products. It is an easy way Argentina Phone Number List for you to show off a collection range on your posts.

The Instagram shopping carousel posts let you tag the different products in your folder posts. That way, you can show other photos of the same product line.

How to Set It Up

You create the carousel post the same way as the shopping feed posts.

  • Upload your photos – create your folder post.
  • Add captions and click on “Tag products.”
  • Add the product tag separately to each of the photos from your catalog.
  • Click on done and then share your post.

Check out how big brands like Prada and Anthropologie use Instagram Shopping Carousel Post.

Instagram Stories with Tagged Post

With the Instagram stories tagged post feature, you can direct users to your shop or product catalog.

Instead of using the “swipe up to message,” users can tap on your product tag directly from your stories.

How to Set It Up

Creating an Instagram story with a product sticker is still an easy process.

  • Upload your story like you usually do, then click on the sticker option.


  • You can use the sticker option to tag your story.


Check out how Spell uses Shoppable Story for their product.


Instagram AR Filters with Tagged Products

The Instagram AR Filters with tagged products let you add product tags to Filters. It allows users to try on new products before they check out on Instagram. It is designed for cosmetic brands with filters like MAC cosmetics and NARS Cosmetics.

However, it is still at the beta/testing stage and is still limited to big brands like MAC and NARS. Instagram plans to make this feature available fully after the testing stage.

Check how these brands have used the AR Filter with a tagged product feature.


Tagged Posts (Shopping from Creators)

Tagged posts are posts from your customers that appear on your page. You can consider the Tagged post as UGC (User Generated Content).

Once your customers tag you in a post, they automatically appear on your tagged posts. They can also tag the Product with its product tag on the post. So, your customer can tag your brand and Product in a post.

To reach a greater audience, you can pay influencers to tag your product/brand in their post.

Check out how Kylie Jenner uses tagged posts to market her Kylie skin line.


Instagram Shopping ads

Instagram Shopping ads help you expand the reach of your shoppable posts. You can tap into the wide reach of Instagram ads while also driving up your ads’ efficiency.

Besides, you can also re engage users that have shown interest in your product before with Instagram ads. You can rekindle and tap into that interest with Instagram ads. Shoppable ads go a step further by making it easier for the user to shop for the product.

Furthermore, you can use the lookalike feature to reach new audiences close to your customers.

How to Set It Up

There are two ways to set up your Instagram Shopping ads. You can either use your shoppable feed posts or set them up from the ad’s manager.

To promote your shoppable posts, all you have to do is click on Promote under that post. You must have a business or creator’s account to do this.

To set it up from your ads Manager, you must have connected a Facebook account to do this.

  • Open Ads Manager on Your account
  • Click on Create
  • Select an objective from the list
  • After this, choose your audience
  • Select the post (product) to use for the ads
  • And click on Done

Your shoppable Instagram ads should look like this:

Instagram Live Shopping Stream

The Instagram live shopping feature allows you to showcase your product during a live stream. This shopping feature is practical because it allows you to tap into your audience’s engagement during your live streams.

With your live video, you can talk about a product and personalise it. You can also answer any questions from your customers to clear their doubts about the product.


How to Set It Up

  • To set up your Instagram live shopping stream, you must first set up your Instagram shop.
  • Tap on the camera icon and switch to Live
  • Click on the Shopping Icon
  • Select the product/Collection you want your audience to shop
  • Click on the broadcast icon to go live

Instagram Shopping Guides

Instagram shopping guides make it easier to give your audience recommendation, tips while subtly promoting your products.

Let’s say you own a clothing brand; you can create guides to help your customers develop outfits for several occasions. By doing that, you are providing value to your customers while also promoting your products.

It is easier for your audience to shop from you when they have gotten value. See how brands like Summer Friday have used this for their shopping.


How to Set It Up

To set up Shopping guides, you need a business or creator account.

  • From your Instagram profile, tap on the + icon and select Guide from the drop-down menu.


  • Next, choose the type of guide you want to create
  • Add content
  • Click on next to go to the format page
  • Add a clear and straightforward title and description of what the post is about.
  • Add a cover photo for the post.
  • If you want to add more posts, repeat steps 3 – 6
  • Click on the Share button to publish your post.

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