What does it mean I don’t like

I like something that I don’t possess well So I would say everyone should have an opinion but know where their feet are going when they express it. DL … their limits. PR Their limits. That is the more you know something the more you realize that you don’t know it. So you want to get to know it further. The less you know the more insolent you are. I see it from my lessons too. It was much easier when I was teaching years ago that I thought what I was telling them was wisdom. Now I know that as soon as I tell them something I have asked them a new question and I feel even more embarrassed than when I was a new photography teacher. DL Because you have moved on. PR Because I have moved on exactly. When I see an audience looking at an exhibition I am very happy let’s say it is my exhibition I am very happy to be told well done I was happy what nice pictures.

There are intelligent closed ones very intelligent

Because for him to say so I feel like I’m doing something good. It is not Jewelry Retouching Service that I despise the other. By the same token if someone gives you an opinion if that someone is a gentleman you don’t care about you will be happy if he gives a good opinion. If the woman you love tells you er I’m sorry that’s another thing. So is the criticism that someone makes. Everyone can judge but everyone has a different weight. DL For so many years as a teacher have you established any relationship between what you call the ability to perceive the enjoyment of art in relation to that person’s intelligence the perceived intelligence that a more intelligent person is more likely to be able to appreciate some art with the way you say it and mean it if he has it if he gets it. In other words whether we are artists or spectators we don’t care. Why Quite simply we are only as intelligent as.

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It is a mixture of truth sensitivity openness

I mean let’s forget about it. You don’t have to wonder if you’re smart CE Leads as long as you are you are. You’re not smart enough to realize how stupid you are. DL Yeah most of us aren’t. Q So take it easy. Now the intelligence we’re talking about in the case of art whether you’re a viewer or an artist is a idiosyncratic intelligence it’s not IQ. And such intelligence is possessed by people of many intellects that in everyday life you do not understand how intelligent they are. It is a mixture of truth sensitivity openness. There are intelligent closed ones very intelligent very closed ones. It is impossible for them to approach spirituality. Don’t forget to get a bit religious Saint Francis of Assisi his intelligence was the intelligence of the illiterate the poor. But let me also say something Pasolini says that has touched me and I firmly believe it.

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