What is an Information System and what are its characteristics?

Understand what an information system is and discover how to use it to have more efficiency and effectiveness in the management of your company. Renato Mosque June 1, 19 | 7 min read information system Every person who wants to start a business has difficulties managing the business. Despite having knowledge in the area of ​​administration and financial management, it is difficult to apply theory in practice and day-to-day situations exceed the knowledge one has. So, what to do to have more efficiency and effectiveness in the management of your company?


It is best to understand what an information

System is. This system has information as a fundamental element and, therefore, its purpose is to manage, store and provide data and uk email list information that can support the processes and functions carried out in the company, in addition to also subsidizing decision-making. To understand more, keep reading. What is an information system? The first thing we have to think about in this regard is that an information system is not restricted to hardware or software .

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This is a fairly common concept and one

That scares some people, but one that needs to be demystified, as these systems are much broader in scope. Actually, the objective of information systems is to understand and analyze how the impact of the adoption of information technologies occurs in the managerial and administrative decision processes of companies. For this reason, as we have already stated, its main element is information, since this is what will guide decision-making. But where does this information come from?

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