What is Content Intelligence?

Jordan Koene, vp of services and chief evangelist at searchmetrics, answers our questions, explains what the term “Content intelligence” means, and offers actionable applications for marketers. Cco the subject of content intelligence spans many areas. How do you make sure it’s not only understandable but also relevant when you’re explaining it to marketers koene you are dead. Almost every definition of content intelligence spans so many topics that it poses as many questions as answers. Basically, the only way for marketers to understand whether a particular content marketing strategy will work is to start with data. Take historical data, compare it to competitive data, and identify key metrics. Next, create your content. Then use the data to analyse the effectiveness.

How about an intermediate

That content and work from there Start with data to Kenya Phone Number List understand if a particular content marketing strategy works. Jtkoene says. Click to tweet take prince’s untimely death. There were hundreds, if not thousands, of news and entertainment outlets, blogs, twitter, facebook, and many other articles. If you searched online in the days after prince’s death, google would show four or five search results at the top of the page, loading other prince information from wikipedia, instagram, and more. Google news, on the other hand, offered more up-to-date information, but it was noted that the marquee’s main headline changed multiple times throughout the day as Google decided that some of its content was more interesting than another. Understand Looking at that data later.

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What role does technology play?

Decide that in cases like the death of a celebrity, the CE Leads individual’s memory should be dusted off rather than the (competitive) straight obituary. In addition to simply analysing historical data to find out what worked in the past, it is also important to understand the human side (IE. User intent) to predict what will work. The better your toolset, the more likely you are to get a winning result. Curated relevant content how to prove your content drives revenue cco what are the specific marketing problems most sought after with a content intelligence approach koene content intelligence solves many problems. One of the solutions we are exploring is analysing content performance from multiple perspectives. Historically, marketers have taken a very binary view (eG., “How much traffic is my content receiving”). Content intelligence must use a variety of methods and metrics to assess performance related.

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