What is SIP Trunking Honduras Phone Number & How Does it Work With VoIP?

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Making sense of SIP trunking is helpful if your Honduras Phone Number business is pivoting to VoIP phone communications. Thankfully, it doesn’t take long to understand the basics of this powerful telecom technology and how to set it up for your company, despite the somewhat bewildering name. Below, we cover how SIP trunking came to beHonduras Phone number, explain the function of SIP trunks, and how Aircall sets it all up for you in no time.  But first things first, let’s decipher the tech jargon.  As mentioned, a SIP trunk enables the transfer of a call from its origin to its destination, either using a traditional landline (PSTN) or the internet as VoIP. The devices used in the process are simply called SIP phones, classified as either ‘hard phones’ or ‘softphones.’

So What Exactly is SIP Honduras Phone Number Trunking?

In short, a SIP Trunk is the digital equivalent of a Honduras Phone Number line. A SIP Trunk replaces a traditional phone cable enabling you to make and receive voice (or video) calls over the internet. The name stems from the acronym for Session Initiation Protocol (meaning the computer language that sends and receives calls) combined with the word ‘trunk,’ that techies define as ‘a connection between two points.  Two interfaces, Basic Rate Interface and Primary Rate Interface (BRI and PRI) run on ISDN. Of these, PRI is used by most large companies as it is able to handle more data. PRI works via the traditional system of electrical Honduras Phone Number pulses transmitted through cables, and a PRI circuit can support 23 simultaneous calls (23 voice channels), which is an important detail that we’ll come back to.


The SIP Trunking Honduras Phone Number Timeline

To understand SIP technology, it’s a good idea to take Honduras Phone Number a look. At the evolution of the systems that led to modern SIP trunking. The amusingly named Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). Was how businesses (and your grandma) communicated for over 100 years from 1876 until 1988. These signals hop from network to network until they reach the right ears.  When the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) entered the scene in 1988, it was a revolution. Digital broadcasting of video, HD audio and other forms of data became a reality. Moreover, businesses had to juggle multiple contracts with several providers Honduras Phone Number and voice carriers to provide coverage worldwide. Things are vastly different now. However, with the option to choose just one virtual provider for all your customers, something that Aircall makes easy. 

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