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I didn’t understand it you didn’t explain it to me from the point of view of the art consumer. Exhibition and even consider himself a judge and say that Rivelli is much better than Lambrus Q Well those are two separate questions. I’ll take the first one. The only reason to engage in art is to have discovered at some point that it is a profound pleasure. Unfortunately very few of the participating viewers listeners and so on go to art for this reason. Unfortunately art nowadays unfortunately I say it one of the worst things that could happen to it is that it has acquired a class dimension. Since we all wear Adidas and Nike and we all have the same smartphones the only way to raise my stature socially is to do art as well. To buy paintings to go to the Concert Hall to show that I am something better than I am. I deeply appreciate those who are not into art and are honest and go to football and enjoy this thing.

The material pleasures we all want whether

There is no reason for a tired person in the evening to see Ozu nor for me Clipping Path Service to put Pasolini on the TV at night. He will see a film to relax I want this film to have aesthetic quality that does not mean that it is artistic to be a nice English serial that makes me forget my suffering and my life. But if I want art it means that at some point I found a special pleasure. This is trouble it is weariness because a student of mine had asked me this many years ago why should we tire ourselves of listening to you and thinking all these thoughts in order to enjoy And the spontaneous answer I gave him was because the magnitude of the pleasure is much greater and more lasting. The material pleasures we all want whether these are french fries or something else they run out once they’re done eating.

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However if I make a judgment about cinema

While artistic pleasures last they shape you and accompany you. If you CE Leads understand this you seek it. End of story. Otherwise there is no reason. That is let’s not create a false need that. I also have a related question… PR … to answer the second part as well. Anyone can be a judge they have an inalienable right to be a judge. However if I make a judgment about cinema or photography arts that. I know much better it will have a greater weight and the judgment will be based on much more evidence. If I make a judgment about poetry an art I know much less about if a young poet brings me his verses I will not give him an opinion. Whether he insists on telling him whether I like him or not is secondary.

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