What We Learned at The 2020 M2 Summit

So, what did the Pure team take away from the ten speakers? Check out some of the best highlights and the insights. From the M2 Summit that we thought mattered most to the digital world.


Data will be one of the most valuable commodities of the coming decades

Early in the day, we heard from Rachel O’Shea, a co-founder of New Zealand-based technology company Yabble. Yabble is a software platform built to provide data and insights for market research.

Data is key to what we do in the digital world. Algorithms drive everything from your Facebook newsfeed to Google Shopping Ads, delivering personalised experiences by collecting and aggregating user data. Increasingly, smaller and smaller businesses around the world are finding that they can draw on the power of customer data to inform their business strategies.

O’Shea spoke about the need for data in Tunisia Phone Number today’s digital market. She reminded us that our own customers’ data can only carry us so far. Eventually, we will need data from the rest of the market to find the potential we haven’t yet tapped into. This data can help us determine what consumers value and what informs their purchasing decisions.

However, as data continues to play a larger role in our everyday lives, more people are learning about how and why it is collected. This means that maintaining trust in this process is paramount. Rachel pointed to the enormous number of younger users who deleted the Facebook app amid the fallout of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. However, she also brought our attention to the widespread embrace of QR codes brought about by New Zealand’s COVID-19 preparedness campaigns.

Ultimately, Rachel inspired us to think more ambitiously about the role data will play in the future of business.

Collaboration, networking, and connection

We particularly enjoyed hearing from the Nesian Network about the power of bringing businesses together to pursue mutual goals. Members Indiyah Beckmannflay, Kristin Harper, Pita Pirihi, and Stanley Henry spoke at length about their vision for a New Zealand business community—particularly among Māori & Pasifika business leaders—that elevates itself through support and positive engagement.

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