When Content Backfires: How to Handle Negative Feedback Online

As your followers and traffic grow, so does the chance of ruthless people showing up. Sometimes they have good reasons. Sometimes they’re just trolls who’ve crushed your content into jelly. No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to keep your audience happy. Your comments section and social media are where disgruntled people go. Once these complaints are published on the web, they will never go away unless you go the shady route (hiding and deleting them is not recommended. We’ll get to that in a minute). The point is not the presence of complaints, debates, or negative reactions. What matters is what happens after those comments roll in. Curated relevant content is it time to ditch the comments section on your company’s blog create processes.

Set comment author parameters

Policies managing a community around Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List content requires a professional approach. That means creating policies and processes for handling feedback — all types, not just negative ones. It should also include things like facebook engagement and other social platforms you use, not just blog comments. Managing the community around content requires a professional approach. Iamaaronagius click to tweet most feedback should be communicated, considered, and responded to by the right people. When I have an urgent problem, I don’t want to scramble to find a solution. Documentation is required to indicate who is responsible for handling what types of feedback, generating responses, and continuing to engage with individuals. Also, the response time should.

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Consider another approach

Be clearly defined This will make the process run much CE Leads smoother. Set you should also create a policy for your audience that sets boundaries for your audience. This will let you know what will be accepted, what kind of activities will be launched, and how comments will be handled. This is a good way to hide problematic behaviour. Toprankmarketing ceo lee odden has provided these guidelines to manage expectations on how to handle the comments section After that,  of your blog. Readers are informed what is acceptable and what is not. Blog-comments-policies tim ferriss, author of 4-hourworkweek, takes a humorous approach with his site’s comment policy. Comment rule remember what fonzie was like cool. That’s how we are – cool. Criticals are fine, but if they’re rude, I’ll remove them. Do not enter urls in comment text, use personal names or initials rather than company names.

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