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Typography plays a very important role when creating a design or writing text on your web page, as it gives words personality and communicates the idea of ​​the text.

Has it ever happened to you that you need to add text or a title to one of your designs, but you just can’t find the perfect font to go with it?

If so, in this article you will find a list of the best pages to download free fonts, in this way you will save a lot of time in the search for the perfect font for your project.

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  • 110 pages to download free fonts
  • 1.1Google Fonts
  • 1.2dafont
  • 1.3Font Squirrel
  • 1.4Behance
  • 1.5Font Space
  • 1.6My Fonts
  • 1.7City Fonts
  • 1.8Free Fonts
  • 1.9CreativeMarket
  • 1.10FontStruct


10 pages to download free fonts


Google Fonts



On this website you can find various free fonts for your website, presentations or designs. It is divided by typographic families such as Serif, San Serif and even different styles such as light, bold, regular and medium, that is, the typographic variables.

Google Fonts also has a dynamic and easy-to-use toolbar, which allows you to change the language of the font as well as its properties. The font options that the site shows you are neat and pleasing to the eye of the user.

In addition, you will be able to view the text in the size you need it, as well as change the way you see the typography options, either in the form of a list or in a grid. If what you are looking for is quality in your fonts, Google Fonts is a reliable option.



Dafont has more than 35,000 free fonts divided into categories. Dafont’s themes include Script, Basic, Fantasy, Foreign Aspect, and Holiday fonts, to name a few.

In addition to the typographic diversity that Dafont has, it offers you a very useful search filter that will help you find the font you need. This filter shows you a preview of the fonts and their size, as well as sorting them by date, popularity or name. You can also check if the font you require is public domain, 100% free or with an accent.

Remember, most fonts are for personal, non-commercial use.


Font Squirrel



This page is a platform to download different fonts of great quality. At Font Squirrel you will find fonts licensed for commercial use for you to use in your designs or website. It does not have a wide catalog like the previous options but it has many sources that will be useful to you.

Font Squirrel has a font identifier in case you need the specific name of a font, with this tool you can upload an image and the page Armenia Phone Number will search for it or give you similar font options for the font you need.




Armenia Cell Phone Numbers
Armenia Cell Phone Numbers

This site will undoubtedly help you to exploit the potential of your designs or your web page. Behance is a platform where designers upload their creations. If you are looking for some creative and unique font, there you will find different styles that will give an amazing look to your designs.

Not all the fonts that the site presents to you are available for free, however, those that are are shown with an image. Click the name of the font you want to download.



An external window will open showing you what the font would look like.





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