Which Website is Better for Advertising?

In this article, we’re going to compare the digital advertising rates of 2 online publishers in the Education niche, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Outbrain.

If you’re comparing between advertising on Sassy Mama or Kiasu Parents, your business should be in the Education industry, one of the few industries that we focus on as a digital marketing agency.

These 2 online publishers have audiences that are relevant for your Education business. Their audiences mainly comprise of young parents with kids of ages between 3-16.

Making a decision on where to spend your advertising budget is not easy. You have to consider the quality of the audience, their buying intentions, price, and so on.

We did a table to compare the various channels, based on recent data. For Kiasuparents and Sassymamma, the CPM is estimated. See below for our explanation/assumptions.

The purpose of this comparison is just to show you what you can expect from a top-level/brand-awareness perspective.

If our estimates are correct, Kiasuparents seem to be a decent channel to run some ads on, compared to SassyMama; not just from a CPM perspective but also because their traffic seems to be more engaged – 5min average time spent on site as compared to Sassymamma’s 2min.

Also, another thing to consider:

Kiasuparents’ top-visited pages are related to primary school rankings, education, tuition. Sassymamma’s top-visited pages are more lifestyle-related content.




    • Some assumptions:


  • Estimated total website impressions per month for KiasuParents calculated as roughly 1 million.
  • Their average monthly page views as mentioned in their media kit is around 1.5 million. But that is in 2018.
  • We ran through their website with a software that predicts website traffic. It’s not 100% accurate, but it can allow us to see certain trends. If you see the graph below, their traffic from 2019-2021 fell by almost half.


So based on a very rough estimate, impressions per month for the whole website is estimated to be around 1 million.

1 million impressions for 3 months will be equals to about 3 million impressions, at a cost of $30,000 (their advertising rates), gives us a CPM of $9.99.

This CPM figure is most likely to be the minimum CPM you can expect, because we’re taking into account the whole website’s impressions per month, and the ad formats they propose do not appear on all pages of the website, only on some of the main pages.


Estimated total website impressions per month for Sassymamma is calculated as roughly 500,000, based on the same calculation format above, and this graph:


Concluding thoughts:

Each channel serves a different purpose in the consumer’s journey. There are benefits to running editorial ads (not banner ads) on sites like Kiasuparents and Sassymama.

Consumers normally perceive content on these sites Germany Phone Number List to be more trustworthy than normal ads. And having touchpoints on these sites can help your conversion rates, especially if someone is on the fence, comparing different schools.

Having touchpoints on channels like Google ads, and Social media ads, are important. As you can see in the table above, even though the CPM and CPC are generally more expensive, the buyers’ intent is also stronger.

Businesses should not rely on one channel to do their digital marketing. 

This is what we call a one-trick pony. It’s not a sustainable marketing strategy. If for whatever reasons the channel becomes saturated, or algorithm changes, or something else, your marketing won’t work anymore.

If your business is in the Education industry, one of the few industries that we have a core focus on doing digital marketing for (our clients include notable Education companies such as NUS, NTU, James Cook University, NTUC First Campus, Aureus Academy, Montessori, Mindchamps, Dancepointe and so on), and are looking for a digital marketing agency to help you grow your business, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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