Why Content Marketers Need Digital Librarians

When you or a member of your marketing team needs a graphic, photo, or video from your own content collection IE. Your content library, can you go straight to it or do you call someone who knows where everything is, what would I do without you whether your content library resides in a digital asset management dam system, content management system, other type of repository, or a patchwork of shared folders, it may be time to call on a digital librarian for help. Hmm. My company certainly suffers from the pain of content overload. Three years ago, we started working with john george, an independent information professional based in seattle. We sell dam systems, so it was ironic to discover how badly we needed help sorting out our assets.

How do you know you need a digital librarian?

Metadataenriched reusable file stored in a content Qatar Phone Number List library. Today, other companies are either contracting professionals like john or working with fulltime digital libraries. We hire anne to manage our content. To explore how digital librarians can help companies get the most out of their content assets, I interviewed john and a training specialist, as well as another digital librarian, lexyspry. We also drew from offtherecord conversations with digital librarians at global healthcare organizations, advertising firms, and furniture manufacturers. How do you know you need a digital librarian if someone in your marketing department spends a lot of time finding images of everyone else, thats a red flag. Its not this persons job to find things, but his or her title could also be thing finder.

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Who is qualified to do this job?

Because no one else understands how to navigate your CE Leads content library . As a result, thing finder spends hours each day emailing content to people who request it. If your object finder goes on vacation, gets sick, or leaves the company, youre in trouble. Thing finder probably doesnt keep track of rights and licenses. He or she could have easily sent overdue stock images. The rights to the image of the photo shoot will also expire. You probably signed a contract with the model that limits the duration of your rights. Three years is a common limit. If your team relies on a stuff finder, consider hiring a digital librarian, especially if your content library is loaded with a marinade of copyright lawsuits. What do digital librarians do you might ask, do digital librarians do things differently than your object finders john explains it well getting assets online or in your library is easy. Making them discoverable takes more.

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