Why Google Keyword Ranking Still Matters For SEO

Do keyword rankings matter anymore I cling whenever someone suggests otherwise. Sure, seo changes over the years. But it makes little sense to overlook search engine rankings. Let’s start with why the question arises. Then let’s see how we can deal with rankings. Along the way, I see some misunderstandings. Curated related content how to improve page ranking for specific keywords google analytics in 2011, google removed keywords that yielded natural results in google analytics. You were left horribly ‘not provided’. Gee, google, thank you. I never bought your sorry line that you don’t want to invade a searcher’s privacy. When I advertise , you show me search phrases. Rankings lost their appeal when analytics failed to see the details of their natural traffic. Rank brain when the rankbrain algorithm was launched in 2015, it became clear.

Sometimes Marketers Discount Rankings

That google matches search queries to List of US Mobile Phone Numbers relevant content even if the pages on your website don’t have the same keyword phrase. For years, google emphasised that it didn’t see the keyword. In 2013, google released hummingbird. This is an algorithm that emphasises the importance and meaning of search strings over individual keywords. Google focuses on ideas and concepts. So sometimes your content ranks for keywords that aren’t on your page. Google is focused on ideas. So content ranks for keywords that aren’t on the page, says mike onlinecoach. Click to tweet inaccurate rankings ranking accuracy matters. Rankings give you a sense of how your content is performing, so it’s not a big issue for me. Rankings differ for several reasons, including algorithm.

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How to get the most out of your keyword rankings

Changes (search engines tweak them all the time. Competing CE Leads websites that add seo elements or extend their content. Search engine results pages – serps (google, for example, shows everything from featured snippets to people also ask). Personalization, such as user behaviour and settings that affect the user’s view. How to get the start with a manageable list it doesn’t make sense to spend time creating and evaluating thousands of keywords if you only care about some of them. Make sure your keywords are relevant marketers still make bad decisions with seo. They insist on targeting keyword phrases that are either too competitive or rarely searched. Marketers make poor decisions when targeting highly.

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