Why is content marketing marketing today? 10 stats that prove it

Youve heard that  marketing is the wave of the future. But do you know why its true that marketing is highly effective for nearly every company and industry in the world, but many marketers dont understand why. Lets shed some light on this puzzling yet fascinating situation with 10 stats that prove beyond the shadow of doubt that  marketing is marketing today. Curated and relevant  what is the difference between  and  marketing 120 million people currently use ad blockers paid advertising has become all the rage in online marketing. Today, however, consumers are increasingly savvy about opting out of ads they dont want to see. In august 2015, approximately 200 million people worldwide installed ad blocking software.

Content marketing leaders experience

Consumers but terrible news for marketers who rely heavily on paid Paraguay Phone Number List advertising to spread their brand message. Luckily, there are ways to keep your marketing efforts going without being blocked by the people youre trying to reach. The secret is content. Great is not only immune to adblocking software, its what consumers want to do, so its more effective and welcome on a fundamental level. Curated relevant marketing of the week your marketing approach is strategic, actually  7.8x more site traffic than nonleaders quality  is hard to identify, but its worth it in the end. According to neil patel, those who succeed in becoming leaders in the world of  marketing those who create.

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Content Generates Brand Recall

Compelling and valuable that reaches the CE Leads hearts and minds of their readers see significantly more site growth than their competitors. I have experience. Contentmarketing leaders experience 7.8x more site traffic than nonleaders, says kapost. Click to tweet take search engine journals, for example. The sites  is consistently high quality, resulting in over 1 million unique visitors each month. This is no coincidence. People want valuable and informative material, and search engine journals know how to produce it. 3. Content and increases engagement according to the 2015 ibm digital experience survey, 56 of marketers believe personalized  drives higher engagement rates. Because personalized content helps consumers remember your brand, it also encourages them to engage more personally with the company in question introducing a positive.

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