Will the content bubble burst? what’s next?

I love content marketing but seeing the sheer number of people using it reminds me of another frenzy that didn’t end well: the dotcom bubble. Remember when you and your cat were starting companies and selling domain names for tens of thousands of dollars until it collapses. There is a lot of talk about whether the same will happen to content. This is because we have moved from just early adopters adopting content to all hvac businesses and nail salons jumping on the content bandwagon. And every second, 17 new blog posts are published. Not so much content we can take every second, 17 new blog posts are published via the torquemag. Click to tweet what happens when we reach a saturation point and can we reach the saturation point why bubbles.

May transition from self-publishing

Don’t burst but they change the fundamental difference Ivory Coast Phone Number List between the content bubble and the dotcom bubble is that we are smarter. Content is already evolving. Ten years ago we bombarded article directories, now we focus on targeted content that informs and empowers our readers. We’ve gone from using encyclopaedias to get information (ok, 10+ years ago) to using smartphones to provide information anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the content. I don’t think the bubble will burst and we’ll run out of content, but I think it will continue to adapt to our ever-changing needs and new technologies that change the way we consume and work with data (amazon’s echo). Instead of preparing for the content apocalypse, we recommend simply embracing how this content deluge.

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Not all content is written

Will change in the near future and be prepared to react CE Leads to that tide when it does. Here are some of my predictions for what the future of content will look like. Curated relevant content the biggest content marketing trends of 2017 we need to step up our game even now, tired “10 reasons to do [something]” posts are turning to dust. You can only read the same article over and over again. This is good. Lately, I’ve been really working to step up.

My content game and come up with more interesting angles and topics that haven’t been rehashed a million times. The secret to future success is—you might be surprised—reading more. You need to know what content is there to know how to make your topic better and more unique. The key to future success is reading more, iamaaronagius says. Click to tweet configure your feed reader. You probably spend as much time reading as you write to keep your content relevant.

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