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We must remember that we cannot confuse social entrepreneurship. Non-profit organizations, since the latter seek an economic benefit, however, the social. Entrepreneur through his company seeks a monetary benefit that will be use for social purposes. Elements that compose it in order for a business to be classifie as a social. It must present at least a series of elements. From eude business school we present some of them. The objective must be social change and the creation of value for society. Innovative solutions to existing social problems must be provid.

Some problems such as the fight against poverty, hunger, diseases. Social exclusion, climate change, education, or crime. Most of the profits must be reinveste. Promoting and achieving the social objective. The company must be the means to achieve the end. Examples. Crowdfunding company where only social projects are finance. A company that employs people with disabilities and bets on human labor versus machinery that could do the same job.

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Every social enterprise is an initiative that was born to promote and strengthen the development of a community, from the social and economic points of view, generating a better quality of life for all its inhabitants. Betting on it can bring great benefits, at EUDE Business School we are aware of how important it is to undertake with the aim of benefiting society, so with our MBA program you will acquire all the necessary skills to lead any business project. The time factor is one of the most important variables when making decisions regarding our investments.

Specifically, the time horizon can be define as the time available to the investor to keep his capital busy until he needs to dispose of it . Therefore, we must take into account the temporal aspect when planning our strategy to follow. Taking this recommendation into account, before considering making a possible investment, the first thing is to be clear about the objective for which it is intend to be carrie out. It can be retirement, buying a first or second home, training, getting marrie or simply preserving wealth in the future. Depending on the objective set, there will be a different time horizon.

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Why is the time factor important in investments? For Federico Servetto, Director of Client Strategy at Banco Sabadell , “a key aspect for the success of the investment is to respect the time horizons. There are no recurring overnight successes. Each investment needs time to ‘mature’ and bear fruit”. Although it may not seem like it, the time horizon of an investment is a factor that determines the strategy to follow. However, the temporary nature of the investment can also be a great ally; the time horizon of the investment marks the focus and the policy to be follow . In fact, it is a very important factor when planning investments. Time favors diversification. There is no better way to protect our investments than through diversification.

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