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If we look at how few sales partners do have a review. We Ecuador WhatsApp Number List can say that this can be work on. Shipping: Do you use FBA or ship it yourself? There is a lot of speculation about the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) shipping method. It was investigated whether many Dutch partners use FBA as a shipping method. The research shows that 14.5% use Ecuador WhatsApp Number List FBA and 77.6% arrange the shipment themselves. That’s a hefty percentage who rely on their own shipping method. And that while there are still quite a few advantages to FBA. Further analysis of a small selection of products shows that 56% of products. Where a sales partner has the Buy Box, are shipped via Amazon.

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This is only a small majority. So there are also plenty Ecuador WhatsApp Number List of sales partners who arrange the shipment themselves and who win the Buy Box. It is noticeable that FBA is not always used and that this does not always help with winning the Ecuador WhatsApp Number List Buy Box. So you can also easily arrange the shipment yourself. If you still want to use FBA, there are also many advantages . Unique offer or not? An important part of the sales strategy is the type of products you offer. Do you sell products that are unique? Think of products from your own brand, a complex product that only you sell or an innovative product that is completely new on the market.

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Or do you sell products that are not unique and Ecuador WhatsApp Number List are sold by multiple suppliers? On Amazon. you share the product page with other providers if the EAN code (European Article Number) is the same. It is also possible that Amazon itself sells the same product as other providers. The Buy Box analysis in the study shows that Amazon wins the Buy Ecuador WhatsApp Number List Box for 76% of products if Amazon and one or more sales partners offer the same product. It is therefore important to distinguish yourself enough in terms of product range to stand a chance of winning the Buy Box. Offer a unique product and make sure that Amazon cannot easily sell it itself. Lowest Price & Fast Shipping Some of the sales partners do win the Buy Box if they offer the same product as Amazon (24%).

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