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For example: a famous person, a sports club or a movie Indonesia WhatsApp Number List genre. Make sure that the content remains relevant to your company. 6. Really get to know your target audience If you want to appear in the Google Discover of your specific target group, you must Indonesia WhatsApp Number List know that target group through and through. What stage of life are they in? What are their interests? The better you know your target audience, the easier it is to adapt your content to it and the more likely you are to appear. 7. Make your website mobile friendly And last but not least: make your website mobile-friendly. Google Discover is only available in the Google app – so only mobile.

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If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, Google won’t show your Indonesia WhatsApp Number List articles in Discover. How can you measure Google Discover? You can find a report under ‘performance’ via Google Search Console. There you will find which articles have performed the Indonesia WhatsApp Number List best, how often your website appears in Discover, how many clicks you have received and a comparison between the organic results and the results of Google Discover. This will give you an idea of ​​how your website is doing here. Can you advertise?

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Did you know that you can also advertise in the application? All Indonesia WhatsApp Number List marketers know the Google Ads campaigns on Search or Shopping. That way you reach people who are specifically looking for your brand, product or service. But you can also reach people Indonesia WhatsApp Number List who have not specifically searched for you. With the Google Discovery Ads , your ads appear not only in the app itself (and the Google app), but also on YouTube, the Watch Next feed and in Gmail. These ads work just like the articles and videos that appear on Discover. Google looks at your interests and your search history to show you the most relevant ads. When should I pay attention to Google Discover?

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