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Once you’ve mastered the art of generating leads on facebook and twitter, you might feel like you’re firing on all cylinders. You have amazing free tools, great e-books, all types of magnets and surveys. You also have traffic and a huge level of conversions. Everything seems to be going great – your lead generation strategies have reached their crescendo. You now turn to instagram, and to your amazement, everything works in a totally different way. Suddenly your most wanted ebook fails to attract users. While you may want to use instagram as another effective lead generation platform, you cannot instantly transfer your twitter and facebook success to this tool. Currently, instagram is the rising phoneix of social media. It may not be the biggest, but the most powerful.

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Instagram lead generation strategies to increase your VP HR Email Lists marketing efforts on this awesome platform in 2018. Optimize your profile when a user lands on your instagram page, they should immediately be able to identify who you are and what you do. Here’s how you can optimize your instagram profile. Make your profile public when creating an instagram profile, you want anyone to view your posts and follow your page if they choose. If your profile is private, people won’t be able to see your posts, which could deter them from following you.

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Use a mix and match combination so people can identify it. For example, australian sportswear company lorna jane has the username lornajaneactive , which is easily found. In the “name” section of your profile, include your full business name. This appears under your username or nickname. Unique instagram lead generation strategies brand profile picture your instagram profile picture is the first thing people see because it’s prominently displayed. Now this has to be something on brand with your business pages on other social platforms. Many companies use their logo. An informative and actionable biography similar to your profile picture, your bio or description is one of the first things users will notice.

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