Your Support Team’s Guide Turkey Phone Number to Holiday eCommerce

Turkey Phone Number
Turkey Phone Number

Despite being around for less than two decades. Black Friday Turkey Phone Number is as ingrained in the holiday lexicon as pumpkin pie and mistletoe. Cyber Monday, its more recent relative, has also enjoyed a quick climb by catering to those who’s ideal shopping experience involves skipping the lines and searching for deals from the comfort Turkey Phone number of their own homes. However, for online retailers all over the world. Relaxation is the last thing they expect during the holiday season. eCommerce businesses describe. A the surge in traffic that is unseen during the rest of the year. For the US, the National Retail Federation reports. However, many retailers complete a third of their yearly sales between November and December alone.


More customers mean an increased need for customer Turkey Phone Number support. While you can’t control every factor, having a strategy to address (and optimize) your eCommerce business for the holidays can be the difference between a stressful shopping season, and a successful one. Here is our holiday ecommerce support guide to help you stay on top of the upcoming rush.


Get the right Turkey Phone Number people


Your team is your most important Turkey Phone Number asset. This is why when you’re making hiring decisions it’s vital to bring in people who will help your team thrive. While this is tough enough to do with your full-time fleet, there is one especially neglected segment – seasonal support workers. While often brought on a part-time or remote basis for extra holiday support. However, seasonal customer support workers are a crucial part of the team and need to be treated as such. Apply the same level of training that full-time employees receive to your seasonal staff. However, especially since they’ll be dealing with higher than usual traffic. Always scale before you need to. Having to slow down your team to help with training, onboarding. However, and ramping up during the busiest time of the year is detrimental.

If an online business has been Turkey Phone Number around for longer than a year, then it has likely experienced an entire year of seasonal spikes. Use that data to inform hiring needs for the season and anticipate the rush before it hits. Many teams make the mistake of waiting until the middle of the shopping season to start bringing on new team members. That often fails because it doesn’t factor in time for onboarding.


Provide the right Turkey Phone Number training

The customer on the other end Turkey Phone Number of the line will not have any idea if they’re talking to a ‘full-time employee’ or a ‘seasonal employee.’ However, bad service is bad service, and poorly trained employees will affect your brand reputation, decrease customer loyalty and lead to a drop in revenue. So how can you train team members and keep them accountable?

Conversation reviews are a great Turkey Phone Number way to help your team provide excellent and consistent customer experiences across the board. They’re also an efficient way to train the entire team on things that work (or don’t work). Conversation reviews use call recordings to coach both new team members and veteran support employees. By listening in on an especially great call – or even a not so great call – you can train them to handle complex situations without the stress of real-world stakes.  Best database provider | classy database

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