What are leads and why are they so important in Digital Marketing?

In digital marketing, the lead is a potential customer of your brand who has shown interest in consuming your product or service. Luisa Perez May 20, 19 | 19 min read leads Conquering new customers is one of the biggest challenges that companies face daily. The entire strategy, from marketing to pricing, is aimed at generating contacts capable of becoming customers. This requires that companies understand the behavior of their target audience and the market in which they are inserted to create Digital Marketing actions focused on attracting leads. But what is a lead? For the whole process to work, it is necessary that the concept of lead is clear to those responsible for the creation and execution of the strategy.


In This Article We’ll Explain the Term and Show You How You

Can convert your visitors into qualified leads. What is a lead? In online marketing, the lead is a potential. Customer of your brand who showed interest in. Consuming  your alpha broder address product or service. A user becomes a .Lead when they leave their personal data on the company’s website. To receive an offer (valuable material) or subscribe to a newsletter . The definition of lead also includes the terms “Mql” (marketing. Qualified lead) and “Sql” (sales qualified. Lead), which represent the users most compatible. With the company’s ideal customer profile.

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Then the Lead Becomes Part of the Business Pipeline and is Worked

On by the marketing and sales teams in joint efforts to close the deals. Thus, the lead has become synonymous with any visitor who provides. Their contact information in exchange for some type of content . The lead can also be defined as someone who .Contacts your company in search of more information. About your product or service. In short, a lead is a user that. Is within the reach of the company, regardless of the digital .Channel to which it is connected. Capturing leads is critical to business success, especially when we consider low conversion rates for digital services.

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