You have no reason to distort

Robert Frank would distort the frame because it had a meaning within the structure of the photograph. The frame just to show me that you are a photographer. Do you understand what I mean they are like postcards. The postcard used to be called a view of the island. And you could see the island the city. Now you see constantly a bougainvillea a cat a chair and a teasing sea. I’m bored to death with these. DL What could be the next big revolution after digital in the field of photography and mostly I want to ask if you think this competition with many megapixels that fuels a thriving photography trade makes any sense does it help the photographer further PR Well no the last one doesn’t help it’s already starting to calm down this story. The best machines now come out with a few megapixels and they print just fine.

I have chosen to live in Syros without being

I print very large from a few megapixels and I’m very happy Logo Designs Service  and I don’t need it. Besides if you make a huge print you will necessarily go further and you will not see the reduced sharpness. But I’m going to the next one. I don’t think that I will have time to experience another revolution from the digital one it is already so big. But whatever revolution takes place between here and now will have something to do with the internet and the digital this thing has a lot to do do you understand That is how the use of photography will change is more important. DL I know you love Livadia and that it is connected to your childhood memories.

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But whatever revolution takes place

Did you notice any changes in your short stay And if so for better CE Leads or for worse How did you see our city PR The little I saw because I got to see very little I hope today to walk more it made a very good impression on me. I have chosen to live in Syros without being from there because I like living in a small town. DL Very interesting this from a connoisseur. The country is experiencing a multilayered crisis. What are the aesthetic reflections of this total bankruptcy PR I have the impression that this crisis is hitting us financially but it is the result of a very deep cultural crisis for which we are all responsible.

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